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FIC: The Professor and the Captain
Chuck and Erik
Author Notes: Miss me? This is another in the occasional Dr. Who crossovers I am doing

It was all Smitty’s fault. It was his stupid dare that lead to Charles finding himself in a bar most inhabited by men. Good looking men, but still mostly men. Charles finished up his pint and put the empty down on the bar. He turned and found that there was a newly poured pint in its place.

“Sorry mate, I wasn’t asking for another” he said to the barkeep.

“It was purchased for you” said the barkeep.

“From who?” asked Charles feeling a little uncomfortable.

The barkeep pointed to the other end of the bar. Charles looked where he was pointing. He saw a younger man in an RAF coat that probably belonged to his father. The man picked up his pint and saluted Charles with it. Charles took a moment to focus on the man only to find, much to his amazement, the man’s mind pushing back on his.

You could at least buy ME a drink before ruffling through my brain. Now close your mouth or something is going to fly in there

Charles snapped his jaw shut and found himself walked to the end of the bar and joining the young man.

“Charles Xavier” he said holding out his hand.

“Captain Jack Harness” said the man shaking his hand.

“An American?” asked Charles.

“Depends on the day” said Captain Jack with a rather smooth wolfish grin. “I’m sort of from all over.”

Charles looked carefully at the man and put two fingers to his temple trying to get a read on him. A series of images were thrown at him that didn’t make any sense. He saw a police box that was bigger on the inside. He saw worlds that didn’t exist and lifeforms that had no name. The man’s mind was in some ways very alien to Charles.

“Did you find whatever you were searching for?” asked Jack with a smirk on his face “I have been told that my mind is very cluttered.”

Charles took a big sip of his pint of beer and regrouped as his mind tried to sort out what he had seen.

“Are you a mutant?” he asked.

“Not in the strictest sense of the word. Something kind of sort of happened to me and that has changed my life rather drastically.”

Charles picked up an image of a small women with blond hair with a taller bloke in a dark green jumper and leather jacket.

“And since I found myself in Oxford at this time, I decided to look you up on the advise of an old friend.” Picture of the man in Jack’s mind shifted to a tall man wearing a stripe suit and a long camel colored coat. Charles’ felt that they were the same man if man was the right word for this being.

“Why me?”

“Potential. And you Charles Francis Xavier have a lot potential at this point.”

Charles looked at Jack through a bit of a beer haze. He had been drinking most of the evening and most of his mind tricks didn’t seem to be helping him sober up fast.

“I have potential. Well that sounds rather ominous.”

“Here, let me buy you another round.”

Charles nodded before he realized what he was doing.

A few pints later he found himself draped across Jack laughing at some insane story that Jack swore was true.

“Ah Charles you are a fun drunk but I think it is time to get you home,” said Jack with a sigh of regret. He helped Charles off the bar stool and they stumbled to the door together.

“Now Jack, play nice,” said the barkeep.

“Don’t worry Herbert. I promise to be good,” said Jack with a laugh.

Charles found himself ambling through the streets in Oxford with Jack’s help. Charles distracted the gatekeeper as they slipped into his college.

He looked at Jack and said, “You need to be kissed.”

“Sorry?” said Jack as he turned his head towards Charles and found himself in a lip lock. Jack leaned into the kiss and put his arms around Charles. Jack pushed Charles again a handy wall and the two continued to explore each other’s mouths with their lips and tongues. Hands explored the bodies and both men liked what they found. There was an electric hum in the air when suddenly Jack pushed away from Charles.

Charles looked sad, “Did I do something wrong?”

“No Charles, honestly it isn’t you but it’s me. I don’t want to take advantage of a man that far into his cups no matter how cute he is.” Jack gave Charles a light kiss. “Let’s just get you home before I change my mind and ravish you right here.”

“I wouldn’t mind that” growled Charles grabbing at Jack’s crotch.

“uh-uh-uh. And I can’t believe I am saying this No Charles. Not tonight.” Jack removed Charles’ hand carefully.

Jack helped Charles up to his rooms and got Charles’ key in the lock. The door flew open after he turned the key and he thought he saw a blue woman with red hair but put it down to a trick of the light as Charles’ blond sister took charge of her brother.

“Thanks for bringing my idiot brother home. What’s the damage?”

“No damage. He was the perfect gentleman.”

Charles turned to look at Jack very puzzled. “Why were you here?”

“To meet you Charles and I am glad I did. The Doctor was right about you.”

The mention of the Doctor brought all kinds of strange images of people, places and things that shouldn’t exist but did. Charles brain went into overload and he passed out.

Jack caught him and helped Raven get Charles into his bed. Raven removed his shoes and shirt and tossed a blanket over him.

“He’ll be fine in the morning” said Jack.

“He’d better be. He has two classes to teach” said Raven with a smile.

Jack found himself kissing Raven’s hand and bidding her adieu. “Don’t be too hard on him when he gets up. He’s going to have the weight of the world on his shoulders soon enough.”

Raven looked at Jack very puzzled.

“I have said too much.” He kissed her hand again and left her watching him walk out the door.

She returned to Charles and took his pants off “Brother, you know the strangest people.”

The next morning Charles was most surprised that he didn’t have a hangover nor did he had much memory of what had happen other than Raven’s report of the handsome man who had brought him home. The description sounded vaguely familiar but alien at the same time. And the images in his brain didn’t make much sense.

Jack went to watch Charles lecture about genetic mutation. A man sporting a bow tie sat down next to him.

“I behaved myself as hard as that was,” said Jack to the man.

“Good,” said the Doctor with a slightly sad smile on his face.

“You know last night I would be hard pressed to believe that this was the man who was going to save humanity from itself. But now, I can believe it” said Jack.

The Doctor nodded and the two men got up and left.

Charles saw them leave out of the corner of his eye and found someone in his mind bidding him a fond farewell. He stuttered for a moment but found his place and continued with his lecture.


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